Meal Planning on the Homestead

Last week in my post about preparedness, I mentioned the “need 1, buy 2” principle I use in our pantry.  This is one of the ways I adapted my cooking style to accommodate eating home grown foods. One of the things that initially stressed me about my gardening was my lack of knowledge as to…Read more »

Sweet Belle of Mine

We share about the process of building our forever, but some of that forever came unsolicited.  At the closing for our home, the seller offered us his dog of five years.  We were still mourning our Lucy, and we could not imagine prying the friendly dog we had met when doing walk-throughs from her home…Read more »

Heirlooms & Hiccups

Hi, all. It has been a while since we talked about the homestead progress.  Moving while renovating proves to be quite a long arduous process.  This is the first time we have lived in a home while renovating, and the entire game changes!  Bret and I have stayed busy scraping and painting ceilings, painting walls,…Read more »

Food for Thought

I find myself making biscuits a lot lately.  With the holidays in full swing and cold weather finally making a visit to the deep South, soups and other hearty comfort foods sound satisfying often.  Our family does not eat cornbread much, so biscuits are the next best runner up to accompany our meals.  I love…Read more »

The Unborn Child

Sarah was the young girl’s name Subjected to her walk of shame Engulfed by fear, she walks alone To the clinic near her home As she nears the door, she hears a voice “Young lady, you know you have a choice!” With tear dimmed eyes, she pleads her case “My child deserves a better place!…Read more »

The Beginning of Forever

Our family now has a new home!  We have purchased 4.5 acres in Northeast Alabama, and we can’t wait to shower it with love and make it our own.  Bret, The Princess, & I have all taken many pictures so we can always look back to remember our starting point, and today we will offer…Read more »

All in The Details

Being a project-oriented person, I tend to move on to the next idea before the current project is completely resolved.  Bret and I balance one another well that way; he thrives on structure and method, which proves a perfect counter to my tendency to bounce from thought to thought randomly.  One of the ways I…Read more »

I Love Lucy

For the last year at our valley house, we had a puppy.  Bret searched long and hard to find a livestock guardian dog to ensure that our pup would not have a strong instinctive prey drive for the chickens and rabbits that we had already.  Mid-summer 2018, Bret saw an ad for puppies that were…Read more »