Quick Homestead Update

               Tractor Supply has chicks!  My heart is happy.  We went to two different cities to find a store that still had a few in stock.  Bret knew it was a bad idea, but I NEEDED to go see them.  The kids’ eyes lit up as much as mine did when we walked through the…Read more »

All in The Details

Being a project-oriented person, I tend to move on to the next idea before the current project is completely resolved.  Bret and I balance one another well that way; he thrives on structure and method, which proves a perfect counter to my tendency to bounce from thought to thought randomly.  One of the ways I…Read more »

A Headless Chicken

As we approach the hope of a new property soon and of getting back to gardens and animals and flowers and woods, I find myself remembering some of the situations at our valley home that offered the biggest learning opportunities.  It has been said that chickens are the gateway animal into farm animals, and we…Read more »

Chasing Chickens

This past spring, we bought our first chicks.  Our last flock was older when we acquired them, and this year was our first experience with chicken babies.  They spent their weeks in the brooder, and we transitioned them gradually to the chicken coop area.  The same time all this was happening, we had our first…Read more »