Country Driving

One of the first things I noticed out here in the rural world is the country driving styles.  Basically, there are only two types of drivers out here.  One type seems to think that they have all the time in the world, with no place to be in any hurry.  The other type of country…Read more »

A Sentimental Minimalist?

My heart wants to be a minimalist.  I love countertops that are empty of appliances or other things.  I do not like trinkets that need dusting set around my home.  The more things that I see out, the less my brain can function well.  My heart also loves all things vintage.  Old coffee mugs, plates,…Read more »

Food for Thought

I find myself making biscuits a lot lately.  With the holidays in full swing and cold weather finally making a visit to the deep South, soups and other hearty comfort foods sound satisfying often.  Our family does not eat cornbread much, so biscuits are the next best runner up to accompany our meals.  I love…Read more »