No More Pigs

Hello, everyone!  This is the post that I promised to my friends and family on Facebook.  Here, we enter the story of how the pigs are gone from our little homestead. Do you ever have those projects that are doomed from the start?  This may have been that endeavor for us, but all things went…Read more »

Learning to Love Those Pigs

               The only “farm” animals on our little fledgling homestead right now are those rough, stinky pigs.  I have been inordinately slow coming around to liking those animals.  They are quite different from rabbits and chickens, dogs and cats.  These animals are the only ones I have had on our property so far, and pigs…Read more »

Good, Better, & Best

               Sometimes I can be a bit of a perfectionist.  In my estimation, perfectionism has a happy side and a morose side; often, I find myself sucked into the latter.  On the happy side, perfectionism enables us to create quality results in whatever we are doing.  The morose side leads to a depressive attitude that…Read more »

A Wandering Soul

               Since we are building a homestead, one might think we are homebodies in a way.  I guess that could be true, since in a perfect world we could focus solely on creating this little mini-farm oasis that we dream about and work toward.  Still, there is a part of me that craves variety.  I…Read more »


I have always viewed myself as a person that thrives on variety.  I love for my days to be full of different types of tasks, hobbies, and activities.  Parenting, however, has taught me the importance of embracing routines.  While I only had one child, a lack of home systems did not affect us as much…Read more »

Heirlooms & Hiccups

Hi, all. It has been a while since we talked about the homestead progress.  Moving while renovating proves to be quite a long arduous process.  This is the first time we have lived in a home while renovating, and the entire game changes!  Bret and I have stayed busy scraping and painting ceilings, painting walls,…Read more »

Fearless 2020

Some years, I choose a word to focus my personal growth and study. At the transition into 2020, we decided to go through the whole process as a family. We involved everyone in choosing vision board pictures, and we settled on our word together. As you can see, we kept it simple. Including the kids…Read more »