The Beginning of Forever

Our family now has a new home!  We have purchased 4.5 acres in Northeast Alabama, and we can’t wait to shower it with love and make it our own.  Bret, The Princess, & I have all taken many pictures so we can always look back to remember our starting point, and today we will offer…Read more »

Chasing Chickens

This past spring, we bought our first chicks.  Our last flock was older when we acquired them, and this year was our first experience with chicken babies.  They spent their weeks in the brooder, and we transitioned them gradually to the chicken coop area.  The same time all this was happening, we had our first…Read more »

In Defense of Coffee

Writing is my thing.  It brings me fulfillment, and I love making words fit together in ways that communicate my thoughts and experiences.  I love to read or listen to how others do so as well.  It’s simply, well, my thing.  On the other hand, putting myself out there (so to speak) to do something…Read more »