No More Pigs

Hello, everyone!  This is the post that I promised to my friends and family on Facebook.  Here, we enter the story of how the pigs are gone from our little homestead. Do you ever have those projects that are doomed from the start?  This may have been that endeavor for us, but all things went…Read more »

Learning to Love Those Pigs

               The only “farm” animals on our little fledgling homestead right now are those rough, stinky pigs.  I have been inordinately slow coming around to liking those animals.  They are quite different from rabbits and chickens, dogs and cats.  These animals are the only ones I have had on our property so far, and pigs…Read more »

Fences, Buildings, & Pigs

Two steps forward, then one step back.  Sometimes it feels that is the way our homestead progress is going.  Late last fall, we began the process of fencing the areas needed for animals.  The process of finding a fencer, getting an estimate, reevaluating our plans, and settling finally on what part we would do versus…Read more »

Pig Day

Y’all, we have finally done it!  We have our first farm animals on the new homestead.  Thanks to our local 4-H program, my Buddy has two pigs.  He has named them Bacon and Moolah since the program allows the family to keep one and sell the other at auction.  Our young man spends his money…Read more »