A Six Year Old and A Sword

Those of you who know me well know that practical thinking is not necessarily my strong point.  Thankfully, others in the house can more than compensate for my sometimes lack of common sense!

Our kitchen refrigerator is in the corner of the kitchen, with about a 2-inch gap between it and the wall.  This little nook is my preferred place to store our broom.  Easy, quick access – as long as the (angled) broom handle is put away pointed in the correct direction.  We have recently been trying to get the kids helping with more chores around the house, and they like to sweep after dinner sometimes as one of the things they do.  (That’s WAY better than clearing the table evidently!)  I hadn’t yet explained to them why it matters which way we put the broom away.

All that to say, the last person to use the broom had put it away backwards.  No big deal, but the next day, I could NOT get it.  No matter how I tried, it was WAY, WAY back in that little 2-inch-wide nook & very settled into its dark place of rest.  No big deal, I had a plan.  My six-year-old son has… a sword.  Perfect little broom retriever!  I was so proud of my very own common sense solution!

Naturally, when his MOMMY asked his to borrow his sword, this piqued Little Buddy’s curiosity.  (I mean, dad asking for it wouldn’t have been weird, but mom?!?!)  So, we now have a spectator to watch The Battle Of The Broom.  As is often the case, MY common sense solution wasn’t working so well.  The broom was happy where it sat and determined to stay.  The end of the sword was not dislodging said broom despite my best efforts.  After a couple minutes of watching, Little Buddy (who is SIX, may I remind you!)  said, “Umm, Mommy, why don’t you use the handle end?”


….Utter shock. Completely dumbfounded.  Absolutely humbled.

After a short moment of shock recovery, I tried the handle end.  Wouldn’t you know, on the first try, the demon broom came from its dark resting place to rejoin the land of the living! Success because of a six year old and a sword!

This moment is one that I will replay in my mind from time to time as long as I live.  I’m so glad that we are all created differently!  Without Little Buddy’s advice, who knows how long I would have struggled with that silly old broom?  In the meantime, I will remember to appreciate others’ strengths around me, and to ask for help from those more expert than myself when needed.  I may sometime be able to return the favor with something more in my strength set, and, after all, isn’t that why God created such diversity?

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