Catching Up

The writing stopped. My zeal to share thoughts, interests, and ideals just disappeared.  All of this was not because of a change in my world view or some great digression.

We spent several months in the process of selling our house. My sprawling fixer-upper in the valley – the home I loved and never wanted to leave, even with all the things that needed to be fixed.  My heart took a long time to be ready to sell.  Even now, it hurts a bit when I dwell too long on the subject.  It is all for good in the bigger picture of life, though.

You see, we are very much signed on to the idea of living a more natural, holistically balanced life.  I firmly believe that all facets of our beings are deeply connected and that what affects one area of our lives ultimately affects every area of our lives.  So, when I succeed in keeping my home as the peaceful haven of rest and rejuvenation it should be, our spirits will be refreshed, our bodies will be revitalized, and our purpose undeniable.

We are still playing the waiting game as we look for the right place to call home & rebuild what is normal for us.  But, while we wait, we fill our family time with trips to local farms, dairies & farmers’ markets.

I have spent a lot of time purposely avoiding getting onto this site and writing, mostly because I felt like a hypocrite to post items related to a lifestyle that I am not living as all-in as we were when it started.  However, change is the only certainty we have in this life.  So, there may be upcoming posts about what we DID with our animals, the creative outlet writing that Bret & I have done in the meantime,  the way we plan out things about our future homestead, or things we learned from the home that introduced us to homesteading.  We will be true to our selves and share the process along the way, however that ends up looking.


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