The Good Troll

Note: Regarding the names of James-39 and James-40, it was common practice during the redemptive era to ascribe a numerical suffix to the appointed family name. Random fact:  James-40 also has two brothers, James-41 and James-42. Their existence is irrelevant with regard to the story that you are about to read and that is why they will not be mentioned… Enjoy!

Good Troll:         “Who goes there with a rat-a-tat-tat upon my door?”

James-40:           “My name’s James, it is for your strength that I must implore.”

Good Troll:         “Human Kind is akin to swine! Don’t bother me!”

James-40:           “My father, James-39, with a nasty fall, has injured his knee!”

Good Troll:         “James-39, my dear old friend from days gone by!”


Narrator:             And that is when James-40 let out a long relieved sigh.

He now felt, from his journey, there was a glimmer of hope.

Only Good Troll’s strength was able to trek the steep and rugged slope.

Miles would be the journey to the Village of Amend.

No distance would be too great for the mending of a friend.

Good troll grabbed the knap sack that he used to carry sheep.

Four leg holes that it sported would be just right for (both) James’ feet.

Let me convey the facts, so they aren’t misconstrued.

I’ll explain the escalations that progressed into the feud.

You see, Trolls and Human Kind once lived in Harmony.

Throughout the entire region of Vanquish-unity.

Unity was its name prior to its defeat.

It was a land of perfect splendor and ever so complete.

The Vanquish Klan of the North set out to conquer their land.

Their High Congressional Officials laid out their master plan.

They sent their Master Botanist to assist in early spring.

A time for sowing towards the harvest that the end of summer brings.

The village is asleep, the master creeps into the storage house of seeds.

To no one it’s known, seeds of discord are sown, whose roots are fed by greed.

The initiated master plan would slowly begin to unwind

for they knew to win the war, they must first conquer the mind.

As spring transitioned into summer, the seeds had brought forth growth.

Like kudzu in the edge woods, it began to attack its host.

Human Kind have great minds, though physically small and weak.

Trolls, though intellectually challenged, are blessed with abundant strength.

The symbiotic bond they shared had turned into envy, strife, and stress.

They had forgotten that their differences were the source of their success.

Emotionally wounded, the Trolls returned to the place from which they came

as the Vanquish Klan of the North had began to take their aim.

The conquest was always easy after discord took its toll.

The end of the union between Human Kind and Troll.

Now that you’re informed of the events that brought us here,

James-39 must be assisted by a friend that he holds dear.


Good Troll:         “James-39, you’ll be just fine, let me place you in my sack.

                              Two leg holes for you and two for your son. You’ll be safe upon my back.”


Narrator: Away they went down the steep & rugged slope, ten feet with every stride.

This journey for which to mend a knee would vanquish foolish pride.

Good Troll had left a note behind regarding his potential fate.

For per the treaty, Trolls were to never again, enter the village gate.

Good Troll’s family abruptly rushed to detain their wayward son.

They arrived at the gate twenty seconds too late. What was done was done.

They all just stood there gazing at their estranged and forgotten friends.

Alienated by invasive seeds that they had ignorantly welcomed in.

With anger and resentment, a giant wedge was formed.

And with a simple act of kindness, the bond would be restored

The Northern Officials, whose evil empire was advanced by seeds of hate

all began to tremble as they understood their fate.

Though the bond was broken and appeared to reach its end.

It would be amended in the Village of Amend.

With a spontaneous sprint, the Northern Officials set out to reach the gate.

They were no match for the speed of the Trolls who would foil their escape.

Death by guillotine would be the official sentence for their crimes.

Carried out in a day, no need to delay, no more wasted time!

The awkwardness subsided and life resumed as it was before.

The lessons from their errors had changed them for evermore.

Always inspect the seeds prior to their entering your gate.

Careless cultivation leads to bitterness and hate.

James-39 was ecstatic with the union now in hand.

He quietly recanted the details of his perfectly executed plan.

The twine encased stone was positioned high above his knee.

And with a tense brace for impact, his fingers forced release.

A limp he would always carry from the seizure of opportunity.

A small price to pay for the sake of Unity.


There are many lessons that can be taught from this fictional story.

  1. Regarding the Botanist. Be careful who you listen to. Some say they wish to help when their true intentions are to sow discord. Prevention is MUCH easier than repair.
  2. Our differences are what makes us strong. Appreciate each other’s differences. Where you’re strong, I’m weak and vise versa. The Trolls and Human Kind have completely different sets of strengths and weaknesses. You should never be intimidated by someone else’s strengths nor should you be lifted up with pride for your own strengths. Humility is the key.
  3. Judgmental attitudes destroy unity within a team.
  4. True forgiveness is only possible in the presence of true humility.

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